Dromomania Duo

Dromomania definition - impulse to travel

- photojournal travel blog -

welcome to our page of dromomania duo - I am Madi (of madi fitzgerald photography) who created dromomania duo with my partner, habib, and our puppy dog, cleo. 

we have regular adventures and road trips around australia (mainly nsw) as we have the need to travel, explore and capture every moment of it. so, we decided to create a blog to share our amazing times with like minded people or for anyone who enjoys travel pics or maybe to keep up with our adventures. 

we love waterfalls, food, vintage shops, the sea + sand, breathtaking views and anything else along the way that catches our eye. 

if you have any suggestions of where to travel, interested in collaborating, or just want to chat, fill in the form below, and we cannot wait to here from you!

otherwise, keep track our of adventures on our instagram page.

mad, bib + Cleo x


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